You Always Come Through!

by Samantha Hoffman

Have I told you lately how much I love you, oh writing community? Last week I asked for help getting past my road block (note that I do not consider it writers block) and people came through for me, even though they have their own, decidedly bigger problems. Mine is a non-problem in the scheme of all things Coronavirus, but this community is so supportive and encouraging. You were ready with some great suggestions:

  • Read, because that's how you learned to write
  • Write first thing in the morning before checking news or social media
  • Put butt in chair and write
  • Accept that you're going to have good days and bad days
  • Hang in there and try to keep your sense of humor 
  • Find a site with writing prompts to get the brain waves flowing
  • Look for a writing retreat in a great location in 6 or 8 months - something to look forward to

Thank you so much for the encouragement.

There are many people out there who have less free time now than before the stay-at-home order; some of you are busier than ever, trying to keep your children engaged, working from home without daycare, taking care of the house, checking in with family and friends, trying to keep spirits up. I feel for you. My thoughts are with you. If we at CWA can offer anything that would help right now (other than babysitting) let us know and we'll do what we can.

What are you doing with the free time you do have? I'm running, reading, writing, taking walks, doing some editing work, cooking.

And bingeing on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I recommend the Amazon Prime series The Restaurant, a 1940s drama about a family who owns an iconic, failing restaurant. And for, mindless drivel, watch Love is Blind on Netflix, a bad show with a stupid concept that I can't stop watching.

Everything you watch, everything you read, is fuel for your writing.

My favorite thing that I did last week with some of my book club members was a virtual happy hour. Finding a way to get together is important, even if it's on a screen. And lest you all think it's just an excuse to drink alone, I never needed an excuse.

Here are a few free writerly things to do via video or audio conferencing (think about making a donation to these wonderful people for their generosity). 

Stay safe, be responsible, take care of one another, and keep writing. This too shall pass.

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