The Write City Magazine is published by the Chicago Writers Association. We welcome fiction, nonfiction and quality poetry.

Story Guidelines

Every story has essential elements which make it worth reading. The editors of Write City Magazine have compiled the following list of elements. Please ensure that your story has these elements before submitting your piece to our magazine.

  • Your story begins in the middle of the action
  • You have introduced a protagonist
    • The protagonist has a goal (something is at stake)
    • Something or someone prevents the protagonist from achieving this goal which creates conflict
    • There is an inciting incident or complication that forces the protagonist to act
  • There is a unique tone/voice/writing style
  • The setting is described without slowing the pace of the story
  • The dialogue is realistic and serves a purpose

Additionally, please have your work proofread and/or copyedited before submitting.

Submission Guidelines

Include your full name, the title of your submission, your email address, and website link (if available) plus a personal photograph and a short 150-word bio. Include the title of your piece in the Subject line. While submissions previously published on personal blogs are acceptable, we do not accept submissions previously published in other publications including those that have been self-published. Upon publication, we pay $50/CWA members, $25/nonmembers per prose piece and $35/members, $10/nonmembers per poem. 

Prose: Submit no more than one prose piece at a time. Prose should be single-spaced, Times New Roman font, and no longer than 1,500 words.

Poetry: Submit no more than three poems at a time. Poems should be single-spaced in a Times New Roman font. AS OF AUGUST 13 WE ARE CLOSED TO POETRY SUBMISSIONS.

Email submission to Please keep in mind that submissions may be edited.

The Write City Magazine Dedicated Staff