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  • David Steven Rappoport
  • http://www.davidstevenrappoport.com
  • David Steven Rappoport is the author of a series of mysteries featuring Cummings Flynn Wanamaker, an accidental detective. The books, set in rural Maine and urban Chicago, are snarky, contemporary, sophisticated and humorous. Through a fusion of eccentric characters, outrageous but intriguing plots, obsessive word play, and pointed social satire, the novels blend the realities of modern America with tropes from 1920s and 1930s British mysteries.

    David is a former playwright (two plays Off-Broadway, as well as TV and radio under another name). His short story, "Leftovers," was one of the winners of the Mystery Times 2015 competition and will appear soon in an anthology of winning stories. His short play, "The Tattoo," recently appeared in an Arts & Understanding anthology published by Black Lawrence Press. His mystery novel, "Husbands and Lap Dogs Breathe Their Last," was published by Mainly Murder Press in Ebook and paperback.