The inciting incident is often defined as “the thing that kickstarts the story.” And that definition can lead to some confusion about what the inciting incident is. 

Take the original Star Wars film. What kickstarts that story? 

  • An oppressive emperor spurring a rebellion?
  • Darth Vader capturing Princess Leia?
  • Luke’s finding Leia’s SOS?
  • Luke’s tracking down Obi-Wan Kenobe?
  • Luke’s finding his aunt and uncle dead?

All of these could be said to kickstart the story, which is perhaps why even seasoned writers make claims that there can be multiple inciting incidents or that it can occur before the story even beings. 

But only one of the events in that list above is the inciting incident. Of course, one might argue, why does it even matter which of those events we call the inciting incident? And I would tend to agree that obsessing over the “correct” labeling of structural components is mostly useless. But in this case, I think a misunderstanding of the role an inciting incident plays within a story is akin to a misunderstanding of story altogether. 


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