It can be SO hard to sell books. Until it isn’t. Until you start seeing readers and opportunities everywhere, when you start recognizing where and how to find your customers and fans.

It’s so easy to fall into thinking that no one reads anymore. Except that 331 million ebooks alone were checked out of U.S. libraries last year.

It's easy to fall into thinking that no one buys books anymore. Until you face the fact that almost 789 million books were purchased in the U.S. last year. The U.S. book industry is big, about $30-billion-a-year-big.

Sometimes we just need a new perspective. How about this one? People in the U.S. are reading and buying tons of books. Now factor in that there are almost four times as many humans who know English outside of the U.S. — well over 1 BILLION humans — as in the U.S.

There are readers and there are book buyers all around us, ok?

Below are 164 places and ways to sell books that aren’t bookstores. That aren’t Amazon.

These aren’t possible or theoretical places you might try to sell books. These are actual places I, as an indie book publisher for over 25 years, and other authors and publishers I know HAVE ACTUALLY SOLD BOOKS. Often in large quantities and with less hassle than at bookstores.

Skim this list to just get a sense of it then come back when you have some time and begin brainstorming the possibilities for your own books.

Then go out there and sell. Try it out. Make it so.

  1. Academic forums, newsletters
  2. Acting schools, actor workshops
  3. Adult ed programs
  4. After church-service events
  5. After speaking events
  6. Airport stores
  7. Alumni organizations
  8. Amusement parks
  9. Antique stores, malls
  10. Art galleries
  11. Art shows, art fairs
  12. Apple orchards, pick-your-own farms
  13. Architectural sites
  14. Author events
  15. Backyards
  16. Bars, pubs, taverns
  17. Big box stores
  18. Bike shops
  19. Blog posts
  20. Boat stores
  21. Book clubs
  22. Book fairs
  23. Boutiques
  24. Breweries
  25. Burlesque shows
  26. Canoe rental locations
  27. Children’s clothing stores

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