Just Because We Can, Should We?

by Samantha Hoffman

As an author, the thing we do best is write; we create believable, three dimensional characters; we tell an engaging story; we connect with the reader's emotions, and we pull the reader into the world we've constructed. This is what we do best.

In today's publishing world we have the freedom to write our book the way we want to and publish it on our own terms. We don't need anyone's opinion of our writing; we don't need an editor if we don't want one, we don't have to have an an agent or a publisher; we can format the book ourselves, use the font we want to use, create our own cover with a photo off of our iPhone.

Just because we can do all that, should we?


We should let the professionals do the things they do best, while we're doing ours.

For example:

Why Authors Shouldn’t Design Covers

by Harley Austin
Published in The Writing Cooperative

You’re a great writer. Don’t try to be a graphic designer.

As an indie author self-publishing on Amazon, you have complete freedom to write and produce whatever kinds of stories you like. You are now all-powerful.

The good news is that you have full-control over what your cover will look like. The bad news is, well, you have full-control over what your cover will look like.

Most of us as writers and authors can weave a story that will knock the socks off our readers. But the truth is, we’re writers and we usually don’t know all that much about what we’re doing when it comes to graphic design—especially cover design.

Yes, we know what we like. Everyone does. Everyone has an opinion about what they like and don’t like. But when you have full-control, it’s really hard not to let that control interfere with you maximizing your book’s cover with the best design possible.

Most everyone knows that in traditional publishing, once you sign the contract as an author, you have absolute zero control over what your book’s cover will look like when it’s published.

There’s a reason.

Most writers and authors know little to nothing about what a book cover is really for, nor how to use it as the tool that is must be to, well, sell your book.

With this in mind, I want to touch on a few points of why you need to hire the very best design talent you can find to produce your book covers; and then once you hire that elite talent, you need to just get the hell out of the way and let them work their magic.

People WILL Judge Your Book by Its Cover


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