My Darling

By Cesar Toscano

(After Donika Kelly)



I am the first offspring of a dandelion and a lavender


When I was born, there were

 visions seeped inside of me


Two fields


One of sunshine and maple and the

other a

field of that will one day host a pair of floral






Do you remember your stem growing through your bones?

I do, I wanted to be real,       so real

A real plant, a real living—

beaming from the glorious sun


That’s what the seeds of my father and mother would like


My Dandelion Father titans over grazing grass

and my Lavender Mother speaks in lovely aromas


I wish to be a seedling deserving of the water I was given

I wish to feed myself, to dine on Helios' shining cattle


I will become a full flower, 

seeped in memories of their love


Like this until




( Hand by Hand)

( Water by Water)


I will grow vines so long I can catch the sun  in my hands