A Modern Beginning

By Lawson Wang

Another decline,

Bombarded the last trace of harmony,

Alongside countless others' rejection.

They spoke the ruling verdict

Of whom I was made into

By the hand of a condescending creator.

One of his tea time attempts,

A single gaze upon me would cause his agony.


An extraterrestrial monarch,

Hailed by the carousers of Antwerpen.

Any sincerity was undervalued

By the desire to be relevant.

Words and beliefs

disregarded as recycled wastes.


Unworthy of the colors in you

as nothing could shield a talentless

From being an outcast,

he calmed.

His voice echoed with fanatical support.

Was it truth or prejudice?

Stunt in my poky little shelter,

Ambiguity was altered at my core.