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  • Eddie Resner
  • Eddie Resner writes about crime, politics, mystery, and human behavior. Born in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago he uses this setting as a source for many of his scenes and gritty characters.

    His short story Forty Rubies has over eleven-thousand e-views. This work finds a couple celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary in Puerto Viagra sorry, Vallarta. It occurs at the same time as an author’s convention at the resort. It was his first story filed with

    Eddie’s three terms in public office give him the insight to write about crime figures, both political and otherwise in the story Boys and Their Toys. Many scenes and characters, in this fictional story, may be recognized by followers of news reports.

    After Columbine and After Columbine II explore the terrible shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. The killings by two misguided youth still haunt society. Ed is pleased with the slow but positive progress in Congress and local school boards. A third edition is in the planning stages and will be published on the 25th anniversary of that shooting.

    The story Schadenfreude-noun: a German word meaning enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others- is a work of fiction examining female and male behavior including their way of gossiping, jealous acts, and hypocrisy. It has a setting in the world of politics and publishing.

    His story titled Victoria starts with a journey from Eastern Europe and ends in Chicago. The principal character is a strong woman enduring travel with a sick child during an oppressive government rule. She is separated from her husband during the voyage and is subjected to a near death experience. However, she arrives safe and sound in America and has a full life.

    His Three Eddies novel covers one-hundred years of a family history and life in a big, but gritty city. The e-book is available on Immigrants from Europe create the genesis for Mr. Resners' story of a typical family’s struggle in a new land. First generation Americans often walk the thin line between good and evil. Read how a double dip recession affects behavior. The thesis of the story shows the erosive effect organized crime and corrupt politics have on the ordinary person. The principal character struggles to research whether genetics or environment influences his behavior. Three Eddie treatment for a screenplay is currently being pitched to directors and producers. (Contact e-mail
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