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  • I’m a Chicago native now surrounded by northern Illinois small town cornfields. I composed My First Story at the age of four, and later read pretty much everything the Bookmobile brought on its Thursday stops outside the IGA supermarket in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Our neighborhood had no standing library—a bit of irony in that I lived on Dickens Avenue and Shakespeare Avenue was just a few blocks away. My passion for fiction—especially science fiction—was born out of the black & white 1950s and early ‘60s. Twilight Zone? Check. Outer Limits? Check. Comic books? Check. Ray Bradbury? Check. Although my background is largely technical, I have attended numerous creative writing and journalism courses and have written more than 100 non-fiction articles over the years. I began writing short stories in earnest in the early 1990s, thanks to the birthday gift of a Creative Writing class that continued on to further classes. In 1999, I launched my Writerspark creative writing exercises group, and am a founding member of a local weekly creative writing critique group. Flash fiction, short stories, and novels are my passions, along with my two cats: Book & Page. By debut novel, The Last Terminal Entity, was independently published in August, 2118. This is Book One in The Pulse Series, a Science fiction series that launches with a time travel element then flies full retro to historical science fiction that carries readers through how it all began.
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