8/12/2017 - Building Your Writing Confidence

If you haven’t pursued your dream or passion of writing because of self-doubt…

If you are a closet writer afraid to share your words with the world due to fear of criticism…

If you’re are a seasoned writer stuck on your journey because of confidence issues…

Then you should attend this confidence-building workshop on Saturday, May 13 from 9:30 am to 12:pm at Columbia College, 600 S. Michigan, Room 401 (conference room).

Genevieve Davis –Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Genevieve will walk participants through the process of finding their voice. Thow to identify what's interesting and exciting to the reader about their project; how to engage the reader's attention; and how to approach the subject matter in a novel way.

Barbara Barnett – 3 Rs of Building Your Writing Confidence: Researching, Revisiting, Rebounding

Whether you're a newbie or have been writing for years, confidence may be the most elusive arrow in your writing quiver. Barbara Barnett provides tips and tricks to building your writing confidence through researching, revisiting and rebounding in this interactive session.


Registration is limited to 25 writers. Register now through Eventbrite ($15 for members; $30 for non-members)!

Doors open at 8:30

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