The Wounded Warrior

By Brian Anthony Taylor

She never asked for a war

But she was chosen to fight

The time for negotiation had passed

Leaving no other option but to take a stand


She could feel her enemy rapidly approaching

Rife with the vile stench of despair

The deafening sound of marching and chanting echoed through the darkness in cadence

Their anger was masked in a language she couldn’t comprehend


Strengthened by the fear of those fallen by their hand,

The enemy marched blindly towards the Queen’s peaceful oasis

Vowing to devastate anything in their path

She remained calm but vigilant

All the while knowing this encounter could be her last


She never questioned why this conflict was hers to own

Her kingdom was prepared for battle, each soldier vowing to protect their Queen

She reached for her crown, admiring the beauty and resilience associated with each imperfection

Every scar and blemish marked a victory, but the journey was far from over


She looked East to the rising sun, as light slowly enveloped every crevice of her body

She could now see her enemy, swords drawn, and shields lifted

It was at that time she knew the battle was hers to fight alone

There was nothing her soldiers could do but stand in support of her,

Knowing this decision couldn’t be undone


Using her heart as a shield and courage as armor

She stormed the palace gates unaccompanied

Fueled by the love and support of the chosen ones sent to protect her

She channeled the power of her crown

Her battle against cancer will soon be won.