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May 27, 2016


               Homage by Bob Grove        


                 Bleak skies hover over an old home

                 standing in silence, awaiting final darkness.

                 Once a proud family fortress

                 Sanctuary for her loved ones.            


                 The bite of winter’s night left no sting

                 a hot poker stirred fireplace embers.

                 Crackling coals warmed hearth and hearts,

                 hickory smoke wound from the chimney.


                 Musk of baked bread wafted through her halls

                 a mother’s face smiled above a blue-rimmed platter

                 steaming potatoes and succulent roast

                 soft oven mittens shrouded her frail hands.


                 But now the pantry is bare

                 cold ashes line the dusty hearth.

                 Cobwebs, dampness, musty rooms.

                 Echoes of footsteps long silent.


                 A swing sways below a garden branch;

                 the children, too, have grown old.

                 The old home trembles under winter’s howl,

                 Succumbing to its icy mantle.


Bob, ca. 2007

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Bob Grove earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at Kent State University and his Master of Science in Teaching at Florida Atlantic University. A public school teacher for 17 years, he was also an ABC-TV public affairs director and on-air personality, and the founder and publisher of Monitoring Times magazine.

A prose critique facilitator for the North Carolina Writers Network and an officer with the Ridgeline Literary Alliance, he has published 17 books and hundreds of articles in sixteen national magazines. His writings have earned several gold medals in the Silver Arts literature competition. You can visit him at bobgrove.org.



Thoughts for a Friend Who Recently Lost Someone Dear by Andrew Reynolds


We are their memories

We are their lives

When those we love

Have left us for the final time

In out hearts

In our minds

In our lives

There, they are still alive

Still with us

Still loving us

Still teaching us

And as long as we live

As long as we remember

And keep their love

And their spirit


They are never gone

And never will death truly claim them


Andrew Reynolds Photo

Andrew Reynolds is a native of Illinois who has written in various mediums for the past two decades. He currently resides in Rochelle and is engaged in the final stage of rewriting/editing of his first novel “A Dream Before Dying.” This and other works of his may be found at: https://andrewreynoldssite.wordpress.com/




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