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The Write City Magazine is published by the Chicago Writers Association. We welcome quality poetry, fiction and nonfiction, including short stories, personal essays, op-eds, biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, interviews, play and novel excerpts (if self-contained), plus writing tips and resources.

Story guidelines: Every story has essential elements which make it worth reading. The editors of The Write City Magazine have compiled the following list of elements. Please ensure that your story has these elements before submitting your piece to our magazine.

  • Your story begins in the middle of action
  • You have introduced a protagonist
    • The protagonist has a goal (something is at stake)
    • Something or someone prevents the protagonist from achieving this goal which creates conflict
    • There is an inciting incident or complication that forces the protagonist to act
  • There is a unique tone/voice/writing style
  • The setting is described without slowing the pace of the story
  • The dialogue is realistic and serves a purpose
  • The main conflict is resolved and/or the protagonist has learned something at the end of the story

Additionally, please have your work proofread and/or copyedited before submitting. 

Submission guidelines: Include your full name, the title of your submission, your email address, and website link (if available) plus a personal photograph and a short 150-word bio. Include the title of your piece in the Subject line. While submissions previously published on personal blogs are acceptable, we do not accept submissions previously published in other publications. We pay prose submissions $25 and poetry submissions $10 upon publication.

Prose: Submit no more than one prose piece at a time. Prose should be single-spaced, Times New Roman font, and no longer than 1,500 words.

Poetry: Submit no more than three poems at a time. Poems should be single-spaced in a Times New Roman font.

Email submission to: editorwritecitymag@chicagowrites.org. Please keep in mind that submissions may be edited.


The Write City Magazine dedicated staff:

Kristin Oakley pictureManaging Editor Kristin Oakley is the president and a co-founder of In Print Professional Writers Organizationa board member of the Chicago Writers Association, and a writing instructor at the UW-Madison Division of Continuing Studies. Her debut novel, “Carpe Diem, Illinois,” won the 2014 CWA Book of the Year Award for non-traditionally published fiction and was a finalist in the Independent Author Network 2015 Book of the Year. The sequel, “God on Mayhem Street,” will be released September, 2016. She’s currently working on a YA dystopian novel that’s keeping her awake most nights. kristinoakley.net, facebook.com/kristin.oakley.925, @KristinOakley

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Associate Editor Audrie Roelf spent twelve years as an editor in the Chicago area writing and editing everything from cosmetic blogs to medical journals. She is now in the corporate world writing web copy for a Fortune 100 company. She holds a Bachelor’s in English Literature from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and a Master’s in Writing from National University in San Diego, California. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s usually watching really bad horror films. 




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Associate Editor Charlie Monte Verde always wanted to live in one of the ‘big three’ cities, and darn if he didn’t land in the best one. Charlie was raised in Upstate New York before his current five years in Chicago, and honed his writing skills in Mrs. Bonar’s AP English class before he was bumped down to the regular English class. As the founder of CultofAmericana.com, Charlie cultivates Original American art forms. He willingly and fully disappears into art, often at the expense of his reality. He’s currently working on his first based-on-a-true-story novel, “The Great Hate,” which will be available…hopefully someday. Charlie is a board member of the Chicago Writers Association. facebook.com/cultofamericana@cultofamericana


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 Associate Editor Samantha Hoffman is a runner, a reader, a film and theatre buff, tech geek, blogging queen, personal assistant, employee acquisition specialist, editor, private chef, traveler, volunteer, animal lover, sister, friend, lover of life and…a writer. She is on the board of the Chicago Writers Association and writes a popular blog about life in Chicago at www.samanthahoffman.comHer stories have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul, The Corner Magazine in London and numerous other print and online publications. Samantha is the author of “What More Could You Wish For,” published by St. Martin’s Press, and the upcoming “The Ones You Left Behind.” @samanthahoffman, facebook.com/samantha.hoffman1


We look forward to reading your work!