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R.J. Modell
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R.J. Modell is the best selling author of the children's book, "Hock E. Puck Meets Hock E. Stick," the #1 Hot New Release in Children's Hockey Books on Amazon, which served as the debut release for a new fiction book series, "Puck and Stick: True Blue Friends Forever" (Score Great Goals Publishing, 2015).
R.J. Modell is already putting the ink to the paper for Book #2 "Pucknapped," Book #3 "Dog Daze" and Book #4 "A Very Special Hockey Star," while Book #1 continues to retain the coveted #1 spot in its category, "Hot New Releases in Children's Hockey Books" at the Amazon Children's Kindle Store.
A highly accomplished, professional business owner, respected community leader and innovative entrepreneur, R.J. Modell’s extensive and diverse work background played a key role in his transition into a professional best selling author. He possesses a strong command of the English language as well as an aesthetically pleasing way with words, which has served him and his clients well and transitioned beautifully into books, blogs and other printed media.
His social media pages and blogs have attracted over 5,000,000 post views, shares and re-shares, and feature powerful words of wisdom, inspiring poetry, uplifting words, messages of hope, positive images, and an underlying message to spread peace and love around the world.
In 2016, R.J. Modell will be releasing books and eBooks featuring his most popular motivational and inspirational quotes, plus more children's books. R.J. Modell is presently serving as a co-editor on best selling author and Emmy award winning actor Joe Alaskey's new book "Queasy Street: Volume One - Eleven Tales of Fantasy," the first in a series of anthologies for the adult fiction market.
R.J. Modell is one of those rare literary talents who seems to effortlessly excel in many genres of literature. Whether it be formal business writing, children’s stories, anecdotes, words of wisdom, note card poetry, lyrics or dramatic scripts for the stage and screen, R.J. Modell is a jack-of-all-trades, who not only does it all, but also accomplishes it exceptionally well. When he is not working or writing, he is busy with his foundation, "The True Blue Reading Crew" to help prevent illiteracy and he serves as an ambassador for Illinois Reads, a program of the Illinois Reading Council.