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Share Literary Successes with Custom Printed Labels

Written on October 28, 2017

Authors, have any of the following things ever happened to you after publishing your book? Your book receives a positive review from a prestigious source. Your book wins a literary award. You, or your book, are featured or mentioned on a talk show, YouTube channel, publication or blog. Oprah, Reese Witherspoon or another celebrity selects  Continue Reading »

10 Commandments to Better Time Management in 2017

Written on January 4, 2017

Happy New Year, Writers! The new year represents a great time to reflect, assess and redirect our efforts to achieve more goals and (hopefully) stress less in the process. So, if you’re on board, today’s post offers timely tips to increase your efficiency and tackle those resolutions on your list this year.  As a wise man once said: “Time is  Continue Reading »

8 Ways to Put More “Go” in Your Goal Setting

Written on November 26, 2016

FOR 2017… Whether you desire to finish a novel, start a blog, or take your writing career to the next level, establishing clear goals is crucial to your success. Your goals will determine your game plan, and ultimately serve as a navigational tool to help you to “work smarter, not harder.” Accordingly, here are 8  Continue Reading »

Bringing Stories to Those Who Need Them Most

Written on January 20, 2016

An interview with Karen Thomson – CWA’s 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient By Christina Rodriguez When you think of book groups, you typically think of a bunch of women sitting around, talking about a book they have chosen to read and their thoughts about it. For some, it’s an exciting experience. To others, it seems like  Continue Reading »

Healing Through Writing

Written on January 19, 2016

An interview with author Kelley Clink – CWA’s 2015 Book of the Year Award Winner for Non-Fiction, Non-Traditionally Published By Christina Rodriguez Losing a loved one is one of life’s hardest trials. It leaves you walking around with your heart at your feet. Walking into any reminder kicks grief into gear. In a different kind of  Continue Reading »

An Old Heart Still Beats Strong

Written on January 18, 2016

An interview with author Peter Ferry – CWA’s 2015 Book of the Year Award Winner for Fiction, Traditionally Published By Christina Rodriguez At some point of your life, after you have done all the right things (and plenty of wrong), you finally have the chance to right the things that haunt you and follow your true  Continue Reading »

Prose and Cons

Written on January 17, 2016

An interview with author Dean Jobb – CWA’s 2015 Book of the Year Award Winner for Non-Fiction, Traditionally Published By Christina Rodriguez Every Chicagoan knows the stories of corrupt early twentieth century Chicago. In the era of gangsters like Al Capone, you had every scam, swindle, scheme you could dream of with men who made you  Continue Reading »

Not All Clowning Around

Written on January 16, 2016

An interview with author James Finn Garner – CWA’s 2015 Book of the Year Award Winner for Non-Fiction, Non-Traditionally Published By Christina Rodriguez Writing a series is never an easy feat, especially when you dive into a world of crime with clown shoes. James Finn Garner manages to do it with flare and a ton of laughs,  Continue Reading »

Banish Writer’s Block With These Timely Tips!

Written on July 22, 2015

Writer’s block is a figment of our imaginations. There is no shortage of ideas. The source of the writer’s creative frustrations is the same source of nearly every person’s perceived hindrance in all walks of life. It’s fear. Fear of failure, being rejected, being laughed at, heckled by peers or whatever. You have ideas, probably  Continue Reading »