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Grace by Dan Burns

Written on May 9, 2016

  Took out my key, saw two keyholes, Aimed for the one on the right. Been five years and six months Since the last time I got drunk, Came home to bear her wrath, Only to live with it each day since. I stood before her, wobbly and wondering. She stood, prim and proper, a  Continue Reading »

Wondering and Cell by Len Kuntz

Written on April 25, 2016

Wondering by Len Kuntz Is it warm where you are Is there fresh fruit and linen sheets Do the mornings make you feel special Like a princess Who is the one who makes your tea now Is he handsome and well-built An athlete or scholar Your best friend and secret-keeper Does your laughter still shake  Continue Reading »

Big Brother by Bill Vernon

Written on April 10, 2016

I joined the US Marines in large part to get away from family problems, but three times during my four-year enlistment I scurried back on a month’s leave to escape the military and relax at what I still considered home. I was always homesick and happy to return. During my third year’s visit—it was pre-Vietnam  Continue Reading »

Blink, Ending 2015, and Resolutions by Valentina Cano

Written on March 27, 2016

Blink by Valentina Cano She smelled it on the air, the smoke of death. It hovered behind him in shifts of light that flickered on and off, time blinking like frames in a projector moving too slowly, crackling with wrinkled and unseen film. Ending 2015 by Valentina Cano Windmills of colors spin in a frenzy  Continue Reading »

The Beauty of Nature’s Fury by Mathew Powers

Written on March 13, 2016

       My first encounter with a super cell occurred in the most desolate county in the United States – Loving County, Texas. The remarkable flatness of the land in western Texas could substitute as a regulation billiards table. With a population density of 0.1 people per square mile, one rarely sees another human  Continue Reading »

Beyond “Second City”: A New Yorker Moves to Chicago by Erick Sierra

Written on February 28, 2016

  After living in New York City for 26 years, I got a dream job in Chicago that I simply couldn’t turn down. I wasn’t sure what the move would entail—my initial associations with Chicago having to do with Al Capone, the Bears, house music—but some preliminary Google searching assured me that Chicago was simply  Continue Reading »

Winter Solace and Autumn’s Myth by G. Hesslau Magrady

Written on February 14, 2016

There’s solace in the wind that holds me tight. It settles deep within and through my veins. I welcome crystal lashes sure to wane.    The winter waves implore my pause with sights unseen by those whose lives cannot remain. There’s solace in the wind that holds me tight. It settles deep within and through  Continue Reading »

The Power of Steam by Charlie Monte Verde

Written on January 10, 2016

  I’d tasted ash on the roof of my mouth for weeks before the trip, heard ‘chuff…chuff…chuff…’ in everything. “Did you hear that?” No one else heard it. But that’s what a steam locomotive can do to you; summon the excited little boy or girl (or psychopath) in all of us. That is the power of steam. Imagine you are standing  Continue Reading »

The Weeping, an excerpt from “Walk Beside Me” by Rebecca Williams Spindler

Written on November 22, 2015

       Take comfort. A saying people like to use when they don’t know what else to say. Oddly enough, it’s spoken when one can neither take nor comfort the person they hoped to console.         The phone rang at 5:16 p.m. that Wednesday. Aunt Beverly answered and I could tell by her expression and the  Continue Reading »

Twelve Steps by Bob Francis

Written on October 25, 2015

The basement of the church smelled of damp and dust. Jim looked around, wiping the sweat from his palms onto his pants. People gathered in clumps of two and three around the room. A man about forty-five was unstacking folding chairs. He was clean-cut and wearing clothes just a little too formal for the meeting,  Continue Reading »