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Q&A with author M.L. Collins: A Little of Everything of Door County

Written on January 6, 2018

By Simone Malcolm Inspired by her love for Door County, where she spent summers with her grandparents, and utilizing her background as an adjunct professor on the history of sex, fashion and culture, M.L. Collins was able to write a satirical novel all about “synthesizing life experiences”. Out the Door! is a story about “a  Continue Reading »

Q&A with reporter and author Mary Wisniewski: The Unfairly Neglected Story of Algren

Written on January 6, 2018

By Simone Malcolm When most people think of American writer Nelson Algren, they think of the novel The Man with the Golden Arm, which won the first National Book Award in 1950, or as the lover of French writer Simone de Beauvoir, or as a “radical” due to his involvement in rebellious groups. Award-winning reporter  Continue Reading »

Q&A with author Christine Sneed: The Perils and Pleasures of Making Questionable Decisions

Written on January 6, 2018

By Simone Malcolm Ten years in the making, award-winning author Christine Sneed delves into the human condition in The Virginity of Famous Men; which is a collection of short stories about “both the perils and pleasures of making questionable decisions and then figuring out to live in the aftermath of these decisions.” As this year’s  Continue Reading »

Q&A with author Nadine Kenney Johnstone: The Struggles of IVF

Written on January 6, 2018

By Simone Malcolm Finding out that you are not able to conceive naturally is probably one of the hardest things a woman has to hear. The road to trying to have a baby can be difficult for a lot of married couples; with procedures like IVF (in-vitro fertilization), the road should become less difficult. Right?  Continue Reading »

Q&A Interview With Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

Written on June 12, 2017

Q. Jim, you started Midwest Book Review in 1976. That is over forty years ago. Why do you think Midwest Book Review has been so successful? A. The three key elements to the success of the Midwest Book Review are: 1. We always provide authors or their publishers with a copy of our review of  Continue Reading »

Interview With Author & TV Personality Michael Alvear

Written on February 3, 2017

  BIO: Michael Alvear is the author of The Bulletproof Writer: How To Overcome Constant Rejection To Become An Unstoppable Author (Woodpecker Media January 2017). LINK: http://writingforaliving.us/how-to-overcome-constant-rejection/ He’s been a frequent contributor to National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and his work has appeared in Newsweek, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, The New York Times,  Continue Reading »

Blogger Lands Traditional Contract Without Proposal

Written on August 13, 2016

Meet Yuwanda Black. This author’s “story” is one that many of us only dream of. “Once upon a time” she was just a blogger, Internet marketer and SEO expert, doling out writing tips through weekly posts at her site, Inkwell Editorial. Fast forward, a traditional publisher landed upon her site, liked her Bio, hashed out the details, and subsequently offered her the opportunity  Continue Reading »

Bringing Stories to Those Who Need Them Most

Written on January 20, 2016

An interview with Karen Thomson – CWA’s 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient By Christina Rodriguez When you think of book groups, you typically think of a bunch of women sitting around, talking about a book they have chosen to read and their thoughts about it. For some, it’s an exciting experience. To others, it seems like  Continue Reading »

Healing Through Writing

Written on January 19, 2016

An interview with author Kelley Clink – CWA’s 2015 Book of the Year Award Winner for Non-Fiction, Non-Traditionally Published By Christina Rodriguez Losing a loved one is one of life’s hardest trials. It leaves you walking around with your heart at your feet. Walking into any reminder kicks grief into gear. In a different kind of  Continue Reading »

An Old Heart Still Beats Strong

Written on January 18, 2016

An interview with author Peter Ferry – CWA’s 2015 Book of the Year Award Winner for Fiction, Traditionally Published By Christina Rodriguez At some point of your life, after you have done all the right things (and plenty of wrong), you finally have the chance to right the things that haunt you and follow your true  Continue Reading »