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3 Key Reasons Your Blog Needs a Media Kit

“Can you tell me how much it costs to take out an ad at your site?” asked a publisher in Arizona back in April. Unfortunately, like many bloggers who blog as a labor of love, I never gave serious consideration to earning pay for my say. Not until then. To make a long story short,  Continue Reading »

Presenters Needed for November Education Boot Camp

The theme for the November 11th boot camp will be changed to Personal Branding for Writers. The topics for this workshop should benefit writers in all genres. While all proposals will be considered, it would be great to have hands-on presentations for this education session.   Vision for Boot Camp Four people will present one-hour  Continue Reading »

How to Build a Loyal Twitter Following

GUEST POST BY-DISHA DINESH Why choose Twitter as your primary social platform? Well, Twitter is the only platform where you can initiate a conversation with just about anybody within seconds, be it the POTUS or your long lost cousin (provided she’s on Twitter, of course). This inclusivity makes the social media platform an excellent place  Continue Reading »

Q&A Interview With Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

Q. Jim, you started Midwest Book Review in 1976. That is over forty years ago. Why do you think Midwest Book Review has been so successful? A. The three key elements to the success of the Midwest Book Review are: 1. We always provide authors or their publishers with a copy of our review of  Continue Reading »

CWA announces call for 2017-2018 Speakers Bureau

Since its launch in 2009, the CWA Speakers Bureau has provided CWA members a valuable opportunity to book events, build their individual platforms, and sell books, while simultaneously offering event programmers a trusted resource to guide their programming efforts. In August, the CWA will finalize and post the NEW 2017-2018 CWA Speakers Bureau Menu to  Continue Reading »

Home Decluttering Tips for Writers

Are you attacked by claustrophobia or drained emotionally when you walk into your home office? An invisible monster sucks away your energy and joy as soon as you take the first step through the door. If this happens to you, clutter could be the culprit. Clutter, or excessive “stuff” arranged in an un-organized manner, can  Continue Reading »

Writer’s Digest to Host Annual Conference in August

  Would you like to finish a novel? Start a blog? Build a solid platform? Then you’ll want to mark your calendar for Writer’s Digest Annual Conference to be held in New York, August 18-20, 2017. Writers of all levels and genres will receive expert assistance, an array of resources, and endless opportunities to hone  Continue Reading »

Calling All Closet Poets…

April not only brings us the celebration of Easter, it ushers in the celebration of National Poetry Month.  An annual celebration that honors a beautiful art form that dates back to biblical times.  National Poetry Month was inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Each year, schools, libraries, museums and arts organizations provide an array of activities  Continue Reading »

March Marks Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. Amid this thirty one day period, many fun, informative events will take place on local and national levels to celebrate and support women from all walks of life. Few would argue that women have been a powerful force– from politics, to business, to the fields of medicine, technology, education, and even the arts. THIS JUST IN… Reportedly,  Continue Reading »

A Look at Black History Month

February marks Black History Month. A time to honor, acknowledge and embrace the contributions and traditions of people of color. Black History Month grew from “Negro Week” (through the efforts of Carter G. Woodson and other prominent Black people) and has been recognized by every president since 1976. Black history is inextricably linked to American history.  Continue Reading »